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Arma 2 Free

Arma 2- the "13th best PC game of all time", according to PC Gamer. Goes free to play.
By cri74
2011-06-25 15:48:10

(Battle.no): Arma2 Free was announced just a few weeks ago at E3 in Los Angeles and is now available for download with no extra or hidden costs, just the same epic and huge variety of equipment. This opens up the opportunity for everyone to try out one of the best PC games of all time, though a Lite-version it is perfect if you want to test out the game everyone has been talking about. The free version will let you play the full game, including multiplayer, but locks the highest graphics settings and cuts out mod/addon support and singleplayer campaigns. Full map editing tools are included. Sign in to get your Arma2 Free now at: http://free.arma2.com/activation/





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